How we work.

Through years of experience we have developed an overall approach to the way we work which includes clear structure and workflow while being flexible and able to adapt along the way to ensure a successful outcome.

Clients share their goals and context for the project and we provide insight on suitable approaches as well as local market feedback regarding possible issues which may arise and how they can be managed.

Based on the briefing we supply an estimate of what can be achievednumber of respondents, incentive amount indications and recruitment/project related costs.

Depending on specifications, we can either prepare with in depth research targeting a very specific type of respondents with the right expertise or, if the scope of the project is wider and sample larger, we can reach out to the extensive respondent panel in our database.

We offer our clients flexibility by servicing them using multiple methodologies and a wide range of deliverables ensuring the client receives the insight and data they need in a timely manner. More information about options available can be found under here.