What we do.

We know that every research project is different. We offer a variety of options, making sure that the approach can be tailored to suit the objectives of each specific project. We excel in both quantitative as well as qualitative methodologiesEedo is able to offer the following services:

Online surveys

A great way to go to reach larger numbers of respondents within a specific target group in a quick and easy manner. With our extensive and continuously expending database of contacts we can help distributing your online survey to reach your targets.


We can assist our clients with moderation in local languages as well as English using our experienced bilingual staff. We have capacity for anything from online forum moderation, telephone interviews, to face to face and focus group moderation depending on the nature of the project.


In the same way that you need to ask the right questions to gain the insights you are after, it is equally important that these questions are properly translated into the local language making sure that all respondents in a multi country project actually answer the same questions. In order to facilitate this and make sure the data gathered can be properly analyzed, we offer translation of screeners, questionnaires, homework as well as open end answers for quantitative projects.


When working with a qualitative project we can provide additional features. All deliverables can be completed in the local language or English using a template and/or type of document of the clients choosing.

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Eedo offers a more personalized service tailored to your specific needs and we always go the extra mile for all of our clients! 

Moderation options.


offer a personal connection enabling us to gain deeper insights into respondents’ attitudes and opinions from a distance. This is particularly useful for markets with smaller and more dispersed populations where traveling around the country is not cost effective (e.g. the Nordics). All telephone interviews are recorded for quality control and output purposes.

Face to face

useful for research of a personal or deep nature where sensitive topics are being discussed (e.g. patients). This way, respondents can be interviewed in an environment in which they feel comfortable. If the research requires using props or presenting confidential materials, the face to face methodology might also be a suitable option.

Video conferencing

useful when face to face is preferred but is not a cost effective or feasible option due to the nature of the project or market. Can be used for individual or group discussions and enables us to gather nonverbal reactions as well as present confidential materials without physically meeting the respondents. This allows us to overcome the issues of distance and time constraints in terms of scheduling.

Group discussion

this method is a great way to hear things that you would not obtain by simply asking respondents individually. They interact, challenge each other, agree and disagree. This unique method will undoubtedly provide the client with very interesting and valuable information.

Online bulletin board

involves adding several respondents to an online bulletin-board. As moderators we ask questions or make comments to which the respondents can reply. The main advantage is that respondents can participate and answer on their own time, allowing greater flexibility.

Deliverables options.

Full word-by-word report of each interview. 

Filtering the raw interview down to the information and insights the client is after.

Individual or summarized presentation of collated insights and quotes.

Multiple interview insights collated and presented in a report style document tailored by the client.